The Birth of the Salty Caramel Cookie

Can’t get enough of Sweet P’s caramel? We have just the cookie for you. This weekend at Rocklin’s Hot Chili & Cool Cars event my new cookie will make its debut. The Salty Caramel is a beautiful creation I experimented with over the summer. It is a brown sugar cookie with my famous caramel stuffed inside and sprinkled with a touch of pink sea salt. We love to use Himalayan pink sea salt in our goodies. This mellow salt enhances the rich flavors you already love. No chocolate you say? Chocoholics rejoice…there is also a Chocolate Chip version!

The Chocolate Salty Caramel Cookie

This summer we were invited to a potluck pool party and I wanted to bring something different. I know my caramels are always a hit but with the heat of an outdoor party in July I thought they might melt and be a little messy. How could I contain the mess? Wrap a cookie all around it! OK, I think we can all agree that brown sugar makes everything delicious so I wanted to make a brown sugar cookie. Stuffing a chunk of homemade caramel in the middle didn’t sound like a bad idea. Ok, let’s sprinkle it with a little sea salt, bake and enjoy. Oh my, did we enjoy. I am glad I ate one (or two) before the party because they disappeared fast! I had to skip out of the party for a bit to take a kid to soccer practice before the food was served. When I came back all that was left of the cookies were compliments and rave reviews. I knew I had to make them again and add them the Sweet P’s menu. Stop by the Sweet P’s Bakery booth at Hot Chili & Cool Cars this Saturday on Pacific Street from 10am to 3pm and try them for yourself. I will be in the business booth area, not the food vendor area. Come by and say hello! In addition to the cookies, I will have Original Caramels, Salted Caramels, Butter Caramel Sauce and Fudge Sauce for sale.